Given the complexity that high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and families face in maintaining and controlling up-to-date information on their overall assets, having proper Global Wealth Reporting in place is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Why work with us?

At UMA Wealth, we understand the complexities facing HNWI and families and are here to assist where and as is needed the most. We support families who aim to better control and understand their global wealth by creating reports that capture specific data. Furthermore, we ensure that this data is presented in a way relevant to the families and their advisors.

Our reporting systems are modern and based on the latest AI technology, providing our clients with 360-degree overviews of their wealth and assets.

The culturally diverse team of UMA Wealth has years of knowledge and experience working with HNWIs and families with various asset protection structures, properties, asset classes, and financial assets banked with institutions globally, which is an excellent advance in populating the reporting systems efficiently and accurately and arrange automatic upload of financial data with institutions around the globe.

Additionally, by using Global Wealth Mapping Technology, UMA Wealth provides comprehensive solutions in a secure system that gives our clients a global overview of their wealth, ultimately giving them more control of their assets.
We comply with all requirements while staying abreast of regulations and reporting standards changes.

Highlights of our reporting system

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